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The MOJO Show: Yoga And Everything Else You Need To Live The Good Life And Get Your Mojo Working | Health | Happiness | Fitness | Motivation | Lifestyle Design

Sep 2017

Just A Speck In Space (Re-Rebroadcast)

Still feel like the problems of your world are just too heavy sometimes? Find some refuge and remedy with a meditation that's out of this world and constantly relevant… After all, we’re just teensy little specks floating in space!

Sep 2017

Episode 70 | How to Take Your Own Prescription

It’s safe to say we’ve all gotten a prescription from a doctor at some point in our lives. But what about our own self-care prescriptions? Whether you realize it or not, we give ourselves prescriptions for better health and well-being, perhaps even more mojo, all the time. Yet, actually taking our own little pills is the real litmus test of our resolve and our ultimate progress. Get Scott and Jean Marie’s tips for following through with your own best laid plans.

Aug 2017

Episode 69 - Get a Grip

Do you find it difficult to get a grip on creating or maintaining a well-balanced, healthy way of life in the chaos of day to day living? Well, so do we! Listen in for our tips on finding the Goldilocks grip on our ideal lifestyle - not too crazy firm, and not too lackadaisical, but juuuust right! Hint: the biggest key is not a miracle, it’s just your morning. 

Aug 2017

Episode 68 - Change, AACK!!!

Change can be difficult, and boy have we had a lot of changes around MOJO lately! Catch up with Jean Marie and Scott and all the goings on, plus get the lowdown on the immediate future, contribute your thoughts, and pickup some handy resources to help you handle any of your own changes with a little more grace and a lot less AACK!

May 2017

Episode 67 - Gamma Breath with Rohi Custage

If you love breath work and if you love feeling great, you want to tune in to this episode of The MOJO Show featuring special guest Rohi Custage!

She's one of the newest instructors in the MOJO community and she's a specialist in the practice of Gamma Breath. This transformative breath work practice targets gamma brain waves. What is gamma?  Gamma state is defined as a brain state where experience, knowledge and wisdom swirl around and form new ideas - the "ah-ha" experience, if you will.

Rohi helps us understand and familiarize ourselves with this practice by leading us through 2 separate exercises right on the podcast. And I'll tell you, they totally changed the way I felt in the 1-2 minutes it took to do them. Tune in and see what I mean. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

Check out for more information and all the links mentioned in the show.

Mar 2017

Episode 66 | Inspiration in Every Day with Tara Rudolf

We're baaaack! That's right, after a brief hiatus to work our butts off and recover from a ridiculously long "big push," The MOJO Show is back online! This episode is an interview we recorded at the end of our time in Honolulu, with special guest Tara Rudolf. Tara is the founder of, and also happens to be one of the newest additions to the MOJO Yoga international teacher community!

Tara is relentlessly optimistic and has some serious words of wisdom for all of us, along with her own story of rising up from adversity. So take some time to get to know Tara here, and then cruise over to the MOJO Yoga Member Space to practice with Tara and her new backbends series at

If you're not a MOJO Member yet, start your free trial today through Tara's channel at and enjoy unlimited access to all of MOJO's rapidly growing international instructor community!

Jan 2017

Just A Speck In Space (Rebroadcast)

Feel like the problems of the world are just too heavy sometimes? Find some refuge and remedy with a meditation that's out of this world… After all, we’re just specks floating in space!

Jan 2017

Episode 65 | Startup MOJO with Hostfully

This week we're exceedingly honored to have with us on The MOJO Show special guest Margot Schmorak. She's the CEO and Co-founder of Hostfully, offering personalized guidebooks for vacation rental owners. Now, Margot is pretty darn special in general, but what makes her really special for us is that she's the only other female founder in our cohort here at Blue Startups. And to top it all off, she's a yogi and a mom! So, in this episode, we chat about women in business and society at large, how to be both a business owner and a great mom, and how yoga and meditation help us integrate all of our many aspects into one balanced, vibrant life.  

Jan 2017

Episode 64 | New Year, New MOJO

Happy New Year to all MOJO people! We're absolutely thrilled to announce that it's finally here in the new year...The Brand New MOJO! Hear all about the new site from co-founders Jean Marie and Scott in an always irreverent discussion. While you listen, peruse the new website and join us now to get your connections and your mojo working.

Dec 2016

Episode 63 | Another Year Over…

Time sure does fly when you’re having boat loads of fun, doesn’t it? Well, another year is coming to an end, and what have you done with your time? 

I’m guessing the answer to that question is: a lot! That's why it's time to take stock of all this year's wins and losses and prepare ourselves to level-up in the new year to come. To help you honor this special occasion that only comes once a year, I've created for you not one but 2 free gifts! But before you jump into those on the blog, take a deeper dive on both of your free goal setting and planning resources with Scott and me in this new episode of The MOJO Show.